Type und form of learning

Each topic will be processed on all sides. For different types of learning activities are provided - intellectual, creative and practical.

Through research projects, and exciting time travel world, wide range of creative possibilities is the natural curiosity of students to support and promote the interests of existing permanent. The competitions, shows, discussions, gallery openings, presentations form the framework for the appropriation of cultural heritage.

Students are motivated not only for research and experimentation, but also get other processing options. The creative activity in painting, rhythm, dance, music, literature, photography encourages self-expression of the students. In parallel work, the workshop of each project with the aim of the incarnation of the learning material with their own ideas, such as Drawings, preparation of technical models, works in wood, metal, clay, etc. In order to ensure linkages between the different areas of knowledge, arts and crafts.

Besides the choice of learning activity is within the EVOLSCH ensure a free space for individual development (own logical chains, have a profile, speed, etc.)

In a fascinating exciting time and travel the world one student a dynamic development of the world and the people are with their thoughts and discoveries follow and enjoy. May it will be a school without coercion and pressure, boredom and without notes, which makes the students a fun and healthy, self-conscious existence and self-realization will produce in the future.

EVOLSCH is a perspective model that can be developed over the decades, more and more. The model is based on the needs, interests and individual abilities of young people and meets the requirements of the time.