Content of Education

The educational system "EVOLSH" intends to replace the subject structure by the integrated training system in the 5th-9th grades. Such a system will ensure the formation of an inclusive vision system, which is a requirement of time. Holistic multi-dimensional view of the world is provided on the basis of broad integration of the universal knowledge base, by bringing together educational material connected with a single context. Integrated approach will provide a common understanding of the world that helps young people navigate in it, and also to determine the profile of further education.

Model "EVOLSH" corresponds fully to cognitive interests of students. The natural curiosity of a teenager is aimed at objects and phenomena of the world, so they are in focus of the new training system. Scientific knowledge is not the end in itself, but it is used when it is necessary to explain some phenomena. As a result of the new sequence of teaching the material, a variety of skills are woven into it forming, expanding and deepening the knowledge.

Interrelated knowledge from various fields of science, art, technology develops in thematic modules in the logical chain that motivate an independent research creative approach and to deep knowledge an better understanding.

Satisfying their cognitive interests and natural curiosity, students will acquire knowledge without pressing.