The time has come to oppose something new to outdated school system.

What does the school offers to its students for many centuries? The school program is overloaded with a great amount of school subjects the knowledge of which is often of no practical use in the future. I believe that making a student penetrate in to quiet a different sphere of knowledge every 45 minutes, 5-6 times a day by learning different subjects is wrong from the psychological point of view.

How much time is wasted in the most favorable age for learning! The era of globalization and integration requires new approaches to pedagogy. Varied knowledge has been accumulated by our civilization the volume of which continues to increase.

What skills and how much are needed to our children? We simply must find the answer to these questions to create a new, optimal and efficient system of education.

We offer you to unify around the idea, which involves the creation of a holistic, integrated learning system for students in middle school. Logical backbone for structuring training material is the objective sequential process of development of the world, EVOLution, so the new ScHool was named EVOLSH.

Research projects, express themselves in creative labs, competitions and presentations – this is the rhythm of life of the new school.

That is the system most children dream of: without grades and any constraint.

We invite competent, enthusiastic experts of different profiles, those who are ready to find a worthy replacement of the old clichés and standards, who are for talent, deep knowledge and creativity.

JOIN us!

Only together we can liberate our children from the shackles of the Middle Ages and make school years interesting, exciting and joyful!